Charles le Maire - painting - cecie n'est pas une pipe

> Title: Ceci n'est pas une pipe (80x120cm)



Charles le Maire

> Title: The wanderer (90x70cm)



> Title: Young man (50x40cm)



> Title: Angelus (120x120cm)



Charles le Maire - Sardanapale Boogie Woogie

> Title: Sardanapale Boogie (120x120cm)



Charles le Maire - The Gift

> Title: The Gift (50x70cm)



Charles le Maire - Annunciazione

> Title: Annunciazione (90x90cm)



Charles le Maire - Painting - Magische lijnen

> Title: Magische lijnen (50x40cm)



Charles le Maire - sunflower

> Title: Sunflower (40x30cm)



kiss-charles le maire - painting

> Title: Kiss (90x70cm)



charles le maire - who's afraid of red , yellow and blue

> Title: Who's afraid o red, yellow and blue? (90x70cm)



Paintings - Charles le Maire

> Title: Vase de pivoines sur piƩdouche (70x50cm)



painting - charles le maire

> Title: Lovesong (30x40cm)



Medusa - Charles le Maire

> Title: Medusa (50x70cm)



Allie- Charles le Maire

> Title: Allie (60x80cm)



Colossus-charles le maire - painting

> Title: Colossus (90x70cm)



le Maja-charles le Maire

> Title: La Maja (90x90cm)



Charles le Maire

> Title: Toulouse (70x60cm)



charles le maire -fountain

> Title: Fountain and linen on stretcher (70x60cm)



painting-charles le maire

> Title: Ellipse within a undistorted rectangle (attic series II)(50x50cm)



> Title: Adam and Eve (30x60cm)



Christ in the House of Martha - Charles le Maire

> Title: Christ in the House of Martha (60x120 cm)



4 Picasso - Charles le Maire

> Title: 4 Picasso (40x30cm)



Prometheus chained - Charles le Maire

> Title: Prometheus Chained (80x70cm)



look mickey - Charles le Maire

> Title: Look Mickey! (20x40cm)



apotheosis of Hercules - charles le Maire

> Title: Ellipse within a undistorted rectangle (attic series I) (60x50cm)



selfportrait-charles le maire

> Title: Selfportrait (70x70cm)



Nature Morte with lizard - Charles le Maire

> Title: 'Nature Morte' with lizard (40x100cm)



der schrei der natur

> Title: Der Schrei der Natur (100x50cm)



guernica-charles le maire

> Title: Guernica (60x120cm)



charles le maire - painting

> Title: The Old Man and the Sea (30x40cm)



charles le maire - painting

> Title: "Why, Brad darling, This painting is a masterpiece! My, soon you'll have all of New York clamoring for your work!" (24x41cm)



charles le maire>>>>>

> Title: Marilyn (15x30cm)



Numbering at bethlehem

> Title: The Numbering at Bethlehem (15x20cm)


studio-charles le maire

> Title: The Studio (60x80cm)


charles le maire

> Title: The Shepherds (60x40cm) > Letters on grey color: Vincent



Carrying of cross in NY'sstreets

> Title: Carrying of cross in NY's streets (70x70cm)



> Title: Bon'Ap'Arte (60x70cm)



entombment-painting-charles le maire

> Title: Entombment (80x80cm)



> Title: White background on Emily (50x50cm)



charles le maire-paintings

> Title: Illum oportet crescere me autem minui (40x40cm)



charles le maire painting

> Title: The third eye (40x60cm)


charles le maire painting

> Title: The Origin of the World (30x80cm)



charles le maire art

> Title: Kronos and Saturn (50x40cm)



charles le maire art

> Title: Sea, Vaart en Fleuve (40x100cm)